Map Data, My Nemesis


So, since the website launch, I’ve been straight back at it with the maps.

I am implementing the desktop side of the Gee-Oh system, and re-jigging the unfinished map grid system I started with MakingTracksGPS – this time abandoning the Google Maps API static map images and instead gathering raw GIS data from OpenStreetMaps and handling it myself.

At least this way I can guarantee the same GPSPoint to on-screen point projection.

So far, I have got the MakingTracksGPS visuals in (mostly), and I’m now implementing a moving, scaling correctly positioned and correctly switching map grid system (with no actual map data yet, but existing as a framework on which that will be rendered).

It’s been quite painful progress so far, but I will get it right, and it will be superb.

Watch me.




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