Map Grid Progress, Part Two


Got a little bit of work done on the maps this weekend, I’m quite happy with the progress. I’ve now got the new GridSquare class implemented, with its spatial data stored as GPSPoints, so I’ve got rid of this ridiculous two-tier method which creates the grid in screen coordinates, and then somehow tries to tie itself to GIS data.

My immediate tasks are:

  • Implement keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons for:
    • Zoom in/out
    • Map zoom level +/-
      • This controls the actual size of the grid squares
  • Render stretchable “holding” image in each of the squares
    • In anticipation of the correct spatial data bitmaps being rendered/persisted
  • Detect points at which zoom value triggers change in map zoom level

While the big task remains: Gathering the raw GIS data in a quick way, in useful format, and process this efficiently into the application.

I feel like this is quite achievable – and will be a massive step forward for me once I’ve done it.




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