Achievement Unlocked!


I’ve had plenty of success the last week or so with gathering raw GIS data, parsing it and processing it into usable objects/data, and (initially) rendering to a graphics object that is subsequently auto-stretched as the view scale changes.

It looks shite at the moment, but after a bit of tweaking – and a lot of work to make it aesthetically pleasing – this is going to be a big deal. The main milestones have already been dealt with, I think, so that’s cause for celebration in itself.

My current/next focus:

  • Get the scaling correct for rendering to the GridSquare’s stored image
    • Figure out required GPSScale value that corresponds to each map zoom level, resulting in consistent quality of render to, for example, fixed 600×600 image size
  • Make sure image lines up correctly with manually rendered GIS data
  • Alter query type to omit certain road types as map zoom level decreases (to take in more area)
  • Detect point at which map zoom level needs to +/- based on size of GridSquare

Not too much left to do really, in a broad sense, with the GeeOh! client. I guess most of the remaining work will end up being menu implementations, tidy up tasks and other unforeseen issues. I’ll need to make some progress on the GeeOh! server soon, and get this thing off the ground!





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