Greater Accuracy Required

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.01.47

I’ve now got (almost) good quality spatial data being rendered as part of the grid but, as you can see, there is some discrepancy between the true GPS data (shown in red, rendered line by line using projection method) and the pre-rendered image (shown in white).

Also, for some reason, serialization stopped working for the GridSquares, so I will need to look into that too.

My last (immediate) task is to figure out why the mouse location seems to be out of sync with the GridPanel (by (-2,-2)), which I’m hoping is just an issue related to accessing my machine through a remote connection. I’ll find out later.

So, to formalise my current focus:

  • Fix serialization issue
  • Solve inaccurate mouse location value
  • Get image to fit data properly

After that, I can begin to play with getting a full grid on screen, and auto-updating when grid is dragged/zoomed beyond certain limits, not forgetting playing around with the actual rendering (ie. making the whole thing look niiiiiiiiiiice!).





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