Thread Management


I’ve made so much progress with the maps and whatnot lately, this blog is overdue a visual update (I will get some good screengrabs as soon as possible), but for today I am focussing on implementing better thread management when loading up GridSquares.

I’ve already got a decent POC, which limits the number of threads “in play”, has the ability to kill off no-longer-required threads, and has a (not yet fully working) method for selecting the next thread based on priority.

I will get that priority-determining method sorted at some point today, after which I will move on to designing an intelligent way to pre-gather GridSquares into the “in memory grid” (which I implemented last night). I needed a quicker way to get squares into the grid when limits have been exceeded, because loading from the file system is probably not the most sensible way of getting immediate refreshes…

Now that I think about it, I might want to change the limit detection to perhaps a padded area around the edge of the screen instead of precisely the edge. Should give me a bit more “lead time” to get the data in there.

Aside from that, I’m still trying to find an efficient way to get land outline polygons from Overpass. I probably should solve this before I unveil any screengrabs – definitely need this for the map to look nice.




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