You’re MEAN!


I’ve been reading up on the MEAN stack today, and started to dabble with Node.js, and I’m already warming to it all as a technology worth pursuing.

Following the initial setup guide in “Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack”, by Jeff Dickey, I installed Node and had a basic server up and running less than 5 mins after the installation had finished. I exaggerate not. Seems like a very good book, check it out here:

My interest in this new web tech has coincided with probably the best idea for a website I’ve ever had, so it seems fitting that I attempt to develop it in Angular/Node etc. May as well turn it into a learning experience too!

[Watch this space – for quite a long time – for announcements regarding the aforementioned website idea…]

But wait, my successful introduction to new technology doesn’t stop there today! I also successfully installed Asterisk (a VoIP application/server, relevant to my current job), and got some phone calls running from my desktop to my phone. Pretty interesting stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride this wave of inspiration/enlightenment for a good while yet.

Wish me luck, bitches!




Conscious Decoupling


I’ve been working hard over the last week or so, preparing various important classes for migration into the main Gee-Oh! library, having to undo some very tight coupling. The purpose of this is to get as much code re-use as possible when putting the maps into MakingTracksGPS and, ultimately, Gee-Oh! Mobile.

To that end, I have written many, many interfaces and implemented many callbacks, as well as extracted any global static variables (that cannot be avoided for now) into a new GlobalValues class that lives in the library.

Last night I finished the decoupling process and managed to move key classes across, including core grid components and the thread manager class. All rendering and I/O code now resides in the app/platform specific project(s), and the core data/functionality is in the library.

Job done.



New Job!


I’ve been pretty busy with the maps still, and made massive progress, but in the midst of all this I’ve started a new job!

I’m now a Technical Team Lead, at [company name removed for sensible reasons], with 3 other people on my team (one of which I have yet to meet, until she returns from maternity leave). I’ve just completed my first week, without anything going disastrously wrong (and had some good feedback from my first week review), so that’s a victory so far.

Since it’s my first taste of professional leadership, it’s only fair that I adopt a number of David Brent’s qualities in the day-to-day running of things… Nah, I won’t joke about it, I will never be anything like some of the cunts I have worked under – and I thank them for giving me the blueprint of what not to be.

Back on the subject of Gee-Oh! and maps in general, there are only a few tasks left until I’m happy to say that maps v1.0 are done (slight bugs surrounding centering on point, need to implement green areas and water areas, and need to split off into Library as much as possible). I know I’ve promised it for ages, but I will post a good visual demonstration soon.

I’m out.