You’re MEAN!


I’ve been reading up on the MEAN stack today, and started to dabble with Node.js, and I’m already warming to it all as a technology worth pursuing.

Following the initial setup guide in “Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack”, by Jeff Dickey, I installed Node and had a basic server up and running less than 5 mins after the installation had finished. I exaggerate not. Seems like a very good book, check it out here:

My interest in this new web tech has coincided with probably the best idea for a website I’ve ever had, so it seems fitting that I attempt to develop it in Angular/Node etc. May as well turn it into a learning experience too!

[Watch this space – for quite a long time – for announcements regarding the aforementioned website idea…]

But wait, my successful introduction to new technology doesn’t stop there today! I also successfully installed Asterisk (a VoIP application/server, relevant to my current job), and got some phone calls running from my desktop to my phone. Pretty interesting stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride this wave of inspiration/enlightenment for a good while yet.

Wish me luck, bitches!




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