Mapped Out

Just a quick overview of the remaining tasks with the Gee-Oh! maps, before I can actually start plugging them in to MakingTracksGPS. I’ve already split things out into the library, so I’ve got really good code re-use going on for the model and behaviour, leaving mainly just the rendering to be custom between the Java and Android projects.

My current tasks are:

  • Tidy up the code in its current, unsaved state
  • Commit it
  • Re-implement pre-loading (which was commented out)
    • Above/below
    • Expanding same level
  • Commit
  • Re-include areas in queries
  • Implement proper grid square split/stitching for areas
  • Implement reduced definition filtered areas (according to zoom level)
  • Implement custom area queries
    • So that lower zoom levels don’t ever contain high detail area types
  • Implement colour setting (fade in/out) of areas
  • Don’t render area outlines
  • Don’t render areas that are off screen
  • Implement water areas in the exact same way as areas
  • Demonstrate that goToLocation() is computationally efficient when auto-centering on device
    • Implement option in Gee-Oh! Viewer to auto-centre on selected device
    • Fix the rendering of devices
  • Solve issue of inaccurate base map data at high zoom levels
    • Either use high def map and implement advanced clipping
    • Or use the med def map, and edit it to include the key details
  • Cut out “coastal” from the query

And that should be it. Once all this is done, I can implement the library in MakingTracksGPS quickly, and begin to plug in the new maps!





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