Android Revived


I spent a good few hours last night trying to get my Mac to accept the fact it’s going to be doing some Android development in the near future – wasn’t fun. I finally got it sorted this morning, and now my trusty ol’ Galaxy S3 is running MakingTracksGPS in debug mode, in anticipation of the next round of development that is coming soon.

The tasks remaining (ie. blockers to getting the maps put into MTGPS) are:

  • Finish off implementation of water areas
    • I’ve done the bulk of it, I just need to get them to fade out between levels, and decide which resolution level group to put NATURAL_WATER in
  • Fix topographic base maps issue(s)
  • Implement time-based refreshing of GridSquares
  • Implement option to refresh all visible/current GridSquares in Grid
  • Cut out “coastal” from GIS queries
  • “Go To Location” should animate to location

And that’s it. Doesn’t seem like much. After the insane amount of time it has taken to get to the point where I can put proper maps into MakingTracksGPS, it’s almost hard to believe that I’ve only got 6 or so tasks to do.

Can’t wait for the maps to go mobile!




You ARE Being Served


Last night I finished work on the initial Spring Boot Gee-Oh! Server, with the session, location and message APIs all up and running. I’ve completed all I need to on the server, for now.

I have implemented some decent performance monitoring stuff (which will develop and improve as time goes by), and I’m pretty happy with the server performance under some of the loads I’ve been testing with.

I’m now free to resume work on the core client stuff, and will be bringing the Gee-Oh! maps into MakingTracksGPS ASAP.

My high-level checklist of tasks for the short-to-medium term future are:

  • Implement water areas
  • Implement improved accuracy of topographic base maps
  • Implement time-based re-downloading of GIS data
    • > 30 days
  • Implement option to refresh all current squares in Grid
  • Set up Mac for Android development
  • Put maps into MakingTracksGPS
  • Finish off new MakingTracksGPS UI
  • Make any other required tweaks
  • Release MakingTracksGPS 2.0

After all that, I will be looking at bringing Gee-Oh! Viewer up to something approaching production standard, and I will be wanting to produce Gee-Oh! Mobile as an extended version of MakingTracksGPS, with the full Gee-Oh! functionality.

And I’m done.



Get The Message?

I’ve been re-implementing messaging on the new Spring Boot based GeeOhServer this week, and it’s pretty much finished for now – with more features and functionality than the PHP version.

It’s about a thousand times more efficient too, but I will be measuring this more quantitatively soon.

So Gee-Oh! can boast a fully encrypted messaging service, and will soon have a fully encrypted location service up and running again.

I’ve got a couple of things I need to implement with regards to session management, and then I’ll do the location APIs. 

After that, I’ll be leaving the server for a little while so that I can finish the map stuff in the library and get the next version of MakingTracksGPS released. 


Spring Boot


I’ve been working with Spring Boot extensively over the past few weeks – aside from actually relaxing and enjoying the festive period – and I’m making really fast progress in producing new server applications (both in my job and in my personal projects).

The speed at which you can get applications up and running is amazing. I was impressed by my first interaction with Node.js but Spring Boot seems just as quick/easy to set up and I can back it up with my existing Java/Spring/REST etc. knowledge. Methinks I have found the correct technology for writing Gee-Oh! Server properly.

Elsewhere, I will shortly be looking at Docker as a way to deploy the applications, so I’m gaining good knowledge here. ’tis a growth period for me.