To Serve Or Not To Serve?

mdg : Waiter holding tray

Been playing around with the idea of implementing a tile server for these maps, since I’m starting to come up against some serious limitations with “on the fly” processing in Android (plus the data volumes of some of the larger scale grid squares).

Not that I’ve decided to commit to this yet, but I’ve drawn up a list of pros and cons, and I will soon be drawing up some plans for implementation – if I decide that is what I will end up doing.


  • Minimised processing on device
  • Minimised storage on device
  • Should remove occurrence of empty bitmaps
  • Could actually ship app with pre-loaded maps


  • Would require universal homeLocation
  • Added pressure to produce good quality map images
  • Additional maintenance, having to make sure server is always up etc.
  • For any clicking of the map, would need an API call to detect the location of that click, since the data is no longer local to query
  • Have to actually generate all those images
  • Have to design and implement the APIs


It’s certainly starting to look favourable to implement this server. Let’s see how the “hypothetical” planning stage goes…




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