You Just Got Served


So, despite appearing to be only considering making plans to implement a tile server, I’ve sorta gone ahead and done it over the weekend.

It’s a little rough and ready at the moment (I’m still tidying bits up before I make the first Git commit), but essentially I’ve got a fully working API endpoint that can produce a map of anywhere on Earth, at zoom levels 6-9, which looks like this:

http://{url}:{port}/api/getmap?zoom={zoom}&coord={x%2Cy}&key={API key}

The key check has been stubbed at the moment, but will eventually be used to keep a track of which application(s) is/are using the server (which will also go towards preventing abuse).

So far, without including the road names etc., images look like this:


Pretty pleased with that!

Next goals:

  • Improve map rendering
    • Include land/water as background
    • Rendering road names
    • Rendering city names
    • etc.
  • Implement a metrics API (similar to what exists on GeeOhServer)
  • Implement API key usage properly
    • Probably need to plan this out in detail
  • Plug in control of this to PHP admin system, if/where appropriate
    • Obviously limited to controlling DB settings (if any)
      • eg. The ability to toggle the service on/off would be good
  • Begin to implement the consumption of this service via MakingTracksGPS

That seems enough for now. Exciting stuff!




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