Release Imminent


Now admittedly, this isn’t as exciting as I’ve made it appear: The release in question will be the first “public” release of GeeOhTileServer, only it won’t be publicised at all and I don’t have any current plans to allow general open use of the APIs – but it’s still technically a release.

Obviously, as has always been the plan, I will be using GeeOhTileServer to support the next incarnation of MakingTracksGPS, and the only thing that really stands between me and that particular goal is the remaining required processing of the base land map for the UK and Eire (can’t justify doing the whole world yet…).

I’ve made so many improvements to the application and its supporting stack recently, including (but not limited to):

  • Built admin pages
    • License keys, attempted server access, IP and browser blacklists, toggle service on/off
  • Included watermark in images where API key record in database has watermark flag set
  • Moved valid image sizes definition to config file
  • Included release notes in index page
  • Detecting and blocking SQL injections and excess access attempts

Also, since I’ve been developing on a Mac – but will be deploying to Linux – I did a test deployment to my home server and it went well. I did have some initial teething problems, but the experience was invaluable since I’ll be doing almost exactly the same deployment to live.


So, yeah, really happy with the maps and GeeOhTileServer right now.




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