Fully Auto



I know I said I was technically “code complete” with regards to the tasks remaining for base land map production, but I’ve taken a tiny detour (with a view to speeding up this remaining task): More automation.

Rather than individually pick every single minor island in each GridSquare, some of which I might actually miss, I’ve been working towards selecting the GridSquare itself and attempting to “auto-island” every coastal way, or set of ways, that form a closed loop on screen.

I’m having a few minor problems, but no big deal. Will have it fixed soon. After which, I will not be constrained by the time it takes to manually “auto-island” every tiny piece of rock that pops up above sea level.

The eventual aim is full automation, where the application can be set off auto-picking and processing GridSquares as required. Definitely a long way off this, though.

Will keep you informed.




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