The UK Is Finished


I just mean the coastal matching of the base land map, not that the country as a whole is fucked – although you could argue that might be true also…

Anyway, the auto-processing of entire GridSquares has been such an improvement, cutting my processing time down by a factor of 20 or 30. Very pleased with that optimisation. I’m happy to release this map as part of the first version of GeeOhTileServer, on the understanding that only the UK/Eire has an accurate land mass.

Since my VPS on 123-reg has now died, I obviously can’t proceed to release it live (for now), but I will release it on my home server in the meantime, and possibly use that to develop MakingTracksGPS against.

I have yet to decide what I’m doing about 123-reg, but in all likelihood I’ll be migrating my VPS service away from them. I’ll be keeping them in terms of handling my DNS for, and I’ll keep the site and email server etc. but I’m now looking at hosting my critical services on a VPS that won’t just get blatted by the hosting company.





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