Roadnames Done, And More




I’ve pretty much finished implementing the “on device” roadname rendering for MakingTracksGPS, with the work looking something like:

  • Fixed concurrent modification exception(s)
  • If more than one roadname present, the largest font wins
  • Rendering “offscreen” indications for nearby motorways and/or major roads
  • Reduce min. distance between major road labels on server
  • Render A and B roads in yellow font
  • Render link roads in black font in white box
  • Included link roads when considering distance to nearest road label (to reduce overlap)
  • Limited the number of roads that can be rendered at once (the rotation etc. is an expensive operation and large numbers hinder render speed)
    • Achieved this by removing duplication of roadnames
  • Still need to remove roadname overlap by reducing font size ~10% for roadnames that are in end sections

Following on from this, I implemented “distance to selected waypoint”, which even includes increasing frequency beeping as you home in on the target waypoint, and a ton of other stuff. The screen grabs above are looking nice.

So for now, I’ll continue by doing some quick wins just to get the backlog down and then I’ll be looking at “map objects” (which includes bus stops, train stations, airports, ports, and general location labels). I also have some exciting ideas for map skins etc. but no spoilers yet.