Two Steps Back


I’ve generally been making good progress in recent months, but lately I feel like it’s one step forwards, two steps back when working on some key aspects:

  • Smoothness of interpolation
    • Still seem to be getting this rush to the last point, followed by pause
    • Should be no excuse for this pause, it should be 100% smooth
    • Need to aim towards the n-1 position
  • Thread manager efficiency
    • The current switchThreadManagers() functionality is causing a lot of “hangover” connection attempts etc. and it’s having a visual impact on performance – causing a pause every 5 or so seconds
    • Need to implement a short timeout or “killable” download mechanism
      • Instead of waiting for a long timeout to realise that something has gone wrong
  • Rendering jumpiness
    • This still appears to rear its head every now and then
    • I believe this is fix in cases where !alwaysCentreOnCurrentPoint
    • Still need to fully examine behaviour when centred
      • The thread manager fix may have helped/solved this

So yeah, that’s the general mindset I’m in. I have to draw a line under these three key issues before I’m happy enough to move on and pick some of this low-hanging fruit:

  • Finish off theming
  • Auto-centre after theme switching
  • Fix location discovery logic so that any new manual waypoint is added to the reduced list immediately
  • Get better discovery sound

And then I will get stuck into some of this:

  • Fix issue where grid squares above are being cleared, without having been properly replaced by the correct level below
  • Finish off auto-update API work
  • Improve offline download persistence (don’t just discard after 20)
  • Design/implement mechanism to allow grid squares to be refreshed

That should cover it for a while. Ta ta!




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