Image Server Plugged In


Yesterday I got GrappleApp integrated with GrappleAppImageServer, which has been up and running live for the past few days, so that all image sequences are now available to users of the app (without the initial hefty 200Mb+ download).

Quite pleased with the way it’s going so far. I also implemented proper re-download of any incomplete sequences in the app.

My next few GrappleApp-related tasks are:

  • Stress test and identify any bugs
    • Including display issues as a result of diff dimension screens
  • Write new “barriers to release” list
  • Improve sequence rendering performance on tablet
    • Identify exactly how frame rate delay is applied
  • Move all sound files and sound sequence files into app
  • Remove all replay/red button functionality
    • Just comment out, will reinstate in v2.0
  • Replace Google maps requests with GeeOhTileServer requests
  • When skipping roll/match, need to not even attempt to render/download if sequence is missing

I think that covers it for now. Will keep you updated.




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