Packing It In


No, I’m not quitting coding. I’m referring to file compression (and decompression). I’ve decided to implement the downloading and unpacking of a compressed file of all GrappleApp image sequences during initial setup of the application (still keeping the image server for individual images as backup for now).

So far I’ve worked on just the decompression of a basic .zip file, which is performing okay.

I’ve just been looking at .7z compressed files, which are considerably smaller, but don’t seem as cooperative when trying to unzip ’em in Android. Probably going to abandon that for now.

I’m contemplating having another look at the code which produced all the processed images, because they seem to come out larger (in kb) after that process – entire original folder: 298.7 Mb, processed folder: 420 Mb – and that is not good at all. I’ll have to sort that out.

I’ll also be looking at implementing a reportable file downloader class that allows its current progress to be queried by the UI, and I might be implementing some resumability – unless that’s already built in for downloading (which I doubt).

So, yeah.




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