GrappleApp Barriers To Release

I’ve just made a list of what I believe to be the final hurdles in front of the Beta release of GrappleApp.

Doesn’t seem like much, even though I have a good idea about how much hard work this actually represents, but to be honest it’s nothing compared to the amount of effort I’ve already put in.

did do some estimates, and came up with a date, but that is assuming I work flat out on this until it’s done – and that will likely not happen, since I do need to return to MakingTracksGPS pretty soon (I will put up a barriers to release post on that at some point).

I have arbitrarily added some time to that initial estimate and come up with a release date of 13th May 2017 .

If it’s finished sooner, so be it, but if I don’t get it released before September 2017 I’m packing the whole thing in.

I mean it.




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