Re-wiring The Grid


I’ve been doing some optimisation and “streamlining” of the Gee-Oh! Android library code, including doing away with an over-engineered “in memory” store of grid squares, and it has come with its own (not entirely unexpected) problems.

A good thing is that I’ve realised the kickstartFailedDownloads() method has been masking a multitude of sins.

Anyway, I now find myself in the process of re-wiring the core grid code quite heavily. I’m currently trying to figure out why – after animating to location – we are left with a partially populated grid where some grid squares never seem to get past the “initialised” state.

So this means a ton of System.out.println nonsense (who uses proper logging??) that I will remove once the investigation is complete. Got to get to the bottom of this!

After I’ve definitely fixed all the issues that have been previously masked, I will plug kickstartFailedDownloads() back in and try to tie up any further loose ends with the grid setting code, post-“in memory grid removal”. I’m sure it will all go smoothly…




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