InterpoLATE Update

I did manage to solve the previously mentioned interpolation bug, but ended up completely sidetracked into refactoring the entire system of interpolated rendering, hence the late update now.

I think I just have one tiny issue to fix, regarding auto-centering, and then interpolation is done: Basically, there is the occasional situation where the screen is redrawn in between a device’s location moving and the screen being auto-centred, producing a slight jump effect.

I will get this sorted later today by synchronising all selected device location changes with auto-centering.

Aside from that, I just need to diagnose and fix an issue where zoom level change detection is broken and then I can draw a line under this phase.

I will return to work on GeeOhTileProcessor – a tiny refactor for handling error responses better – and then do a “final” pre-loading run, before coming back to the mobile app and finishing it off.





Something’s Bugging Me

Oh wow, I’ve been wrestling with such an annoying bug in trying to implement full interpolated movement for multiple devices in GeeOh! Mobile, and every time I think I’ve cornered it, it seems to morph into something else.

Been chasing my tail for days now.

The interpolation works fine for selected device, but any other device’s interpolated rendering goes badly wrong, quickly.

I feel like I’m really close now, maybe another day or so, but I could be wrong. I shall be back on here writing a celebratory post once I’ve caught the little bastard.