Character Building


Last week I received the completed work for my GrappleApp character generation templates from my man Amund (, and it was exactly what I wanted.

Aside from the fact I love his style, he produced it in precisely the format/system I required – I was able to immediately slot it into the pre-existing structure that I’d already implemented in my app. Superb value for money and a really good guy to work with, I’m already lining up some follow-up work that might need doing.

The remaining tasks for the character generation system (and related) are:

  • Save resultant images in same size as source templates
  • Render image in correct dimensions on all pages, info panes etc.
  • BUG: Image generation on-the-fly during tourney intro writes the same image to subsequent profiles
  • Use better +/- icons
  • Do proper relief-shaped sponsor logos for body/chest
  • Redo generic profile image to be a silhouette from new system
  • Confirm that new .cif and image files are created for new whitebelts that are added after a promotion/resignation
  • Look at/improve performance of tourney/championship intro
  • Add pure white as a hair colour option (and possibly lighten the pure black)
  • Manually put eyeballs into eye templates, and remove eyeballs as a variable option in the editor etc.
  • Edit image templates to remove artifacts that become apparent after colour replacement
  • Get coaches’ images sorted

That covers it, really. Gonna be done soon – I promise!





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