Hey Coach!


2 o’clock this morning I finally completed the coaches images, and gave them proper names (no more “Master Baiter” etc.), which was one of only 7 or so remaining tasks until release.

I comfortably missed my arbitrary 9th April release date, so I’ll come up with a new and equally meaningless date later. Nothing like having a specific goal to ignore!

But yeah, quite pleased with the current state of things. It has taken 5 years to get here, but it has taken shape nicely and I’ll be proud of the body of work no matter how successful – or otherwise – the app ends up being.

Next few steps will be to get the sponsor logos implemented properly, do a little bit of work around what gets displayed in the sponsors node and the sponsors page, and then I’ll be able to sign off the character generation stuff completely.

After that, a few minor tidy-up tasks and then it’ll be off to Kaobon to check if it’s okay to include the gym in the credits before I release it. Whenever that might be.