Over The Line!


Today, at 7.45am, I finally gotĀ GrappleApp over the line and produced a code-complete build (v1.0.11, if you’re interested). It’s beenĀ years since I started work on this.

I still need to run the credits/disclaimer past Colin to get his permission to mention the gym (I’ve got no problem removing it if he prefers), get some proper accountancy advice etc. and actually release it on the Play Store, but the hard work (the coding and production) is already done and I can’t believe it!

Right now I’m just preparing some screenshots for the Play Store listing, and I’ll be screen-capturing some video etc. in the next day or so, just generally getting ready to finally release this thing.

Watch this space. No, really.




Finish Line In Sight

The day is almost here where I can declare GrappleApp v1.0 (Beta) code complete. Can’t believe it’s so close, after all these years.

I literally have two tasks remaining, one of which is a minor tweak to the tourney intro sequence, and the other is to finalise how Pro Mode is going to work/can be activated etc.

Aside from that I have some business/admin things to do, but the the release is basically right round the corner.


Watch the space, I’ll be back on to update soon.