Between The Lines


So, as previously hinted at, I have been working on implementing “always on” interpolation (toggleable in the options menu) – which I have already managed for “this” device – and I have nearly got it sorted for all external devices too.

I’ve just been trying to make the Interface as efficient as possible, not overdoing the number of methods etc. required, but I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and make getters/setters for all the essential variables.

This will be the last “big job” I do before Gee-Oh! Mobile is ready for release. I think I will have a few business decisions to make before then (ie. dividing the business up into smaller companies – one per product – to remove confusion for potential investors etc.), but as far as technical decisions and implementations go, I’m just about done.

I also did some improvements to the map tile pre-loading application (and also to the memory management, how it’s deployed etc.) and I’m now estimating just a further 10 days before the main map tile server pre-load is complete.

Edging ever closer to getting this shit done!




GeeOhTileServer v1.0 Is Live!


So, I went ahead and released GeeOhTileServer v1.0 a few moments ago. We. Are. Live.

Check it out here!

I thought it was going to take a while longer than it did, so I initially pencilled in the 13th May for the release date, but here we are – ahead of schedule.

Now everything will be geared towards integrating with MakingTracksGPS, and making some strides towards the fuller implementation of Gee-Oh!

Great success.



Man Down!


Got an email yesterday (I think, I was out on my stag do) from those nice folks at, informing me that “we ran a dodgy script, it deleted a shitload of your websites and data, really sorry to all those people who didn’t maintain their own backups, etc.”. Brilliant.

Luckily, I don’t really have a vast customer database, so it’s not catastrophic to my still-dormant company, but it’s certainly given me pause for thought.

I will need to (probably) manually re-upload and reconfigure the entire site/DB. Fairly annoying, to say the least.

Been looking at 1&1 or GoDaddy as potential service replacements. Will update as required.



Somebody’s Gonna Pay!

Lots of Money

Today I finally closed the loop with regards to taking PayPal payments and activating licenses! Although there are still a couple of things to tie up, I have shown that I have the system working. And it’s beautiful.

I’m currently building an admin system, so that I can keep tight control over what goes on, and – once I’ve sorted the auto-email stuff – I’ll be looking to get this put on my public server soon.

Other than that, I suppose I really need to tie off the Java code completely, get installers created, and use ProGuard. Doesn’t sound like too much left to do when you say it like that 🙂