New Job!


I’ve been pretty busy with the maps still, and made massive progress, but in the midst of all this I’ve started a new job!

I’m now a Technical Team Lead, at [company name removed for sensible reasons], with 3 other people on my team (one of which I have yet to meet, until she returns from maternity leave). I’ve just completed my first week, without anything going disastrously wrong (and had some good feedback from my first week review), so that’s a victory so far.

Since it’s my first taste of professional leadership, it’s only fair that I adopt a number of David Brent’s qualities in the day-to-day running of things… Nah, I won’t joke about it, I will never be anything like some of the cunts I have worked under – and I thank them for giving me the blueprint of what not to be.

Back on the subject of Gee-Oh! and maps in general, there are only a few tasks left until I’m happy to say that maps v1.0 are done (slight bugs surrounding centering on point, need to implement green areas and water areas, and need to split off into Library as much as possible). I know I’ve promised it for ages, but I will post a good visual demonstration soon.

I’m out.




A Look At Launch4j

I had previously been dead set on using IzPack to create my installers, but things have kinda stalled, so I’m exploring some other possibilities – namely Launch4j.

The fairly simple demonstration video below shows how you turn an executable jar into an .exe, which is where I will begin (before looking into Mac/Linux stuff in more detail).


I will probably end up going back to IzPack to create the final packaged installer(s) anyway, unless Launch4j has got that covered too.

Watch this space…



Oh Joy, Where Art Thou?


When was the last time I got really excited about some superb piece of code I’d just written?

Give me a minute…

Nah, I can’t think. It seems I need to rediscover some of the basic joys of “coding for coding’s sake“.

My entire approach has become a bit functional – all I’m arsed about it getting the job done – so that, even when I do do something great, I can’t appreciate it because I just roll onto the next task, looking for the next “high”.

To quote a high profile comedy character from the 90’s, “Got to get it back, Tony…”