MTGPS Is Dead, Long Live Gee-Oh! Mobile…

Got round to doing a bit of re-branding this week – I have officially discontinued MakingTracksGPS and will be going forward as Gee-Oh! Mobile, which brings the Android application in line with the rest of the Gee-Oh! system.

While I’m here, I may as well summarise the remaining tasks before release:

  • Pre-load all UK map data (in progress, currently ~25% complete)
  • Improve sanity check for GridSquares on level above, kick-starting if required
  • Kick-starting null squares (for current level and level above)
  • Fix “zoom out too fast” issue, where we see background grid when we shouldn’t
  • Implement ability to auto-centre on any provided device, not just device installed on
  • Put Gee-Oh! button just above auto centre button
  • Render placenames
  • ProGuard build
  • Website improvements/alterations

And that’s about it, really. Looking forward to getting v1.0 released ASAP.




The UK Is Finished


I just mean the coastal matching of the base land map, not that the country as a whole is fucked – although you could argue that might be true also…

Anyway, the auto-processing of entire GridSquares has been such an improvement, cutting my processing time down by a factor of 20 or 30. Very pleased with that optimisation. I’m happy to release this map as part of the first version of GeeOhTileServer, on the understanding that only the UK/Eire has an accurate land mass.

Since my VPS on 123-reg has now died, I obviously can’t proceed to release it live (for now), but I will release it on my home server in the meantime, and possibly use that to develop MakingTracksGPS against.

I have yet to decide what I’m doing about 123-reg, but in all likelihood I’ll be migrating my VPS service away from them. I’ll be keeping them in terms of handling my DNS for, and I’ll keep the site and email server etc. but I’m now looking at hosting my critical services on a VPS that won’t just get blatted by the hosting company.




Under Construction


I’ve done a ton of work on the “main” website this past week or so. It’s looking really nice, and I’d say I’m about 60-70% done. I won’t post any spoiler images just yet, though 😉

Once I’ve completed the main JavaScript driven site, I will have to implement a parallel non-js version to complement it. Gotta be thorough.

My immediate tasks are:

  • Finish off DiagramBuilder page
    • This will serve as a template for other application pages
  • Handle rollover functionality
    • Image/video enlarging
  • Do pages for:
    • TheEquator
    • Other Apps
    • MakingTracksGPS
    • GrappleApp
    • etc.
  • Do “Other Apps” and TheEquator icons (200 x 200)

And soon I’ll have to finalise all the PHP code and content on the server site, too. Nearly done though. Still on course!



Need To Get Back On The Horse

Simple as that. I need to get back to finishing off this grappling app, ASAP.

Here’s a high-level list of all the remaining tasks, and I will soon be making concrete plans to get it all sorted for the v1.0 release:

  • Solve the character images problem
  • Clean up and remove obselete sound samples and images from project folders
  • Get permission for intro, or make a new one
  • Finish off all sound sequences
  • Sort out “tv commentator” video bit
    • And finalise those full sequences, including proper AI for subtitle text
  • Finish off all coaches advice
    • Including warning that initialisation of new game takes a while, and also fix that “100% success” bug
  • Do build in Maven, and use ProGuard
  • Confirm that all AI issues are solved

That’s the main bulk of it. I really need a good final push to get this over line.

God help me.



Sound Off Like You Got A Pair!


I’m focussing on getting the sounds added to the move sequences now. The Option Map will essentially be complete after that. So far, I have done 209/479 sequences, so I make that 44% complete. Not bad.

I’ve also been looking at the remaining tasks/roadblocks to releasing the first version, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Iron out “Promotion” bugs
  • Solve issues with player images
    • Acquisition, whether to animate or not, etc.
    • Putting a frame from player anim in infoPane when no static image available
  • Get all sounds into sequences
    • And attempt to trim down sequences accordingly (with a bit more strictness)
  • Replace Rogan in champ ad
  • Solve “Too much resting”
    • Especially in the final of a tournament
    • Start each match with full energy, make energy decline proportional to fitness
    • Make fitness decline as the tournament proceeds
      • Then reset at end
  • Build with ProGuard
  • Use installation packages

That’s the main stuff I can think of for now.

In other news, I’m settling into my new job at the moment – and I must admit I do like it, although I’m worried about proving myself during this probation period. Fingers crossed it goes okay…



Quick Tidy Up

messy room

I noticed a bug in the “execute failure” logic earlier, which means that the game always crashes during new game creation whilst running the 20 weeks of competition – so I’ll be fixing that tonight. Should be super quick.

I will also, while I’m there, have another crack at solving the AI issues, with the gameplan hashmaps for blue belt and above – and I need to confirm that I have actually fixed the “constantly displaying coach’s advice for 100% move success” problem.

Aside from that, I will do a bit of a code tidy-up sesh, getting rid of all the “testing” code/comments, and generally making the whole thing look a bit more complete and robust.

That’s about it, really. It’s still all about getting this Option Map finished. I’ve done everything except:

  • Trim down all sequences to < 90, if possible
  • Put sounds in (got over 300 to do)
  • Make sure every sequence ends up where it’s supposed to be, and with the correct orientation

And that will be Option Map 2.0 complete.

Oh, just one more thing ma’am…


I’m going to implement two stages of “skip match” with the screen swipe. I will change the variable from a boolean to an int. When skipMatch == 0 we treat that as false, when skipMatch == 1 we don’t go highSpeed but we do go automated and stop rendering Option Chooser (also removing associated delays), and when we skip again – setting skipMatch to 2 – we do the full highSpeed skip.

Sounds simple enough…