Buffer Required


I’m looking to improve GrappleApp’s image sequence rendering by essentially pre-loading the images into memory and then rendering them quickly in sequence.

I’ve been spoilt by the Samsung Galaxy S3’s lighting fast load time from the file system. No other device has come close in terms of load-render-load-render-… performance (I remember being distinctly disappointed by GrappleApp’s showing on my HTC One).

Anyway, I’m undecided on the exact mechanism, and whether or not we begin to render the sequence before loading is actually complete, but I know it’s certainly possible and I’ve got confidence that I’ll come up with a neat solution.

Right now I’m just working on the pre-loading method.

*short break*

I’ve sorted the pre-loading method, and got most of the code sorted for playback now. It’s gone quite well (he says, jinxing himself), and I hope seeĀ much better performance from the Galaxy Tab later.

I’m just about to start work on an unobtrusive loading graphic to be shown when pre-loading opponents’ move sequences (which take a lot longer because of the need to invert the red/blue in the image).





Android Revived


I spent a good few hours last night trying to get my Mac to accept the fact it’s going to be doing some Android development in the near future – wasn’t fun. I finally got it sorted this morning, and now my trusty ol’ Galaxy S3 is running MakingTracksGPS in debug mode, in anticipation of the next round of development that is coming soon.

The tasks remaining (ie. blockers to getting the maps put into MTGPS) are:

  • Finish off implementation of water areas
    • I’ve done the bulk of it, I just need to get them to fade out between levels, and decide which resolution level group to put NATURAL_WATER in
  • Fix topographic base maps issue(s)
  • Implement time-based refreshing of GridSquares
  • Implement option to refresh all visible/current GridSquares in Grid
  • Cut out “coastal” from GIS queries
  • “Go To Location” should animate to location

And that’s it. Doesn’t seem like much. After the insane amount of time it has taken to get to the point where I can putĀ proper maps into MakingTracksGPS, it’s almost hard to believe that I’ve only got 6 or so tasks to do.

Can’t wait for the maps to go mobile!