It’s Been A While…


Hello, yes, I’m not dead. I know I’ve not updated here for a while but I’ve been very busy and a lot of dev work has taken place in the meantime.

I have built and deployed a very functional eco-system of integrated services, held together via SSOA (Single Sign-On Application), including GOLS (Gee-Oh! Location Service or Server, I can’t remember) and PBA (Published Broadcast Application), and all of this has been integrated with a front-end web application – whose URL I cannot reveal until after it goes live “proper” – which can be seen below.

As you can see, I have integrated with MapBox (, and I’m pretty impressed with their product so far. Will need to get stuck into costs/billing etc. as Gee-Oh! scales up, but as of now I’ve had zero problems. I suppose I should keep one eye on the ease of swapping base map integrations, if anything were to go wrong.

My next focus is some SSOA refactoring; implementing additional features to cope with the evolution of the other services. Following on from that I will be adding more UI elements to the admin pages to get better control of GOLS and PBA, and I will also be adding a “self serve” admin dialog to the web application.

Further work includes some refactoring of GOLS to include timestamps in location data, implementing some extra info items and a pretty crucial refactor of the core broadcasting architecture (removing ‘sendKey’).

And then it’s back onto the web application UI to get the whole thing looking and behaving as smooth as possible. I hope to be in a position to demonstrate something impressive to potential clients/investors soon.

Expect more regular updates for the foreseeable future.




GeeOhTileServer v1.0 Is Live!


So, I went ahead and released GeeOhTileServer v1.0 a few moments ago. We. Are. Live.

Check it out here!

I thought it was going to take a while longer than it did, so I initially pencilled in the 13th May for the release date, but here we are – ahead of schedule.

Now everything will be geared towards integrating with MakingTracksGPS, and making some strides towards the fuller implementation of Gee-Oh!

Great success.



The UK Is Finished


I just mean the coastal matching of the base land map, not that the country as a whole is fucked – although you could argue that might be true also…

Anyway, the auto-processing of entire GridSquares has been such an improvement, cutting my processing time down by a factor of 20 or 30. Very pleased with that optimisation. I’m happy to release this map as part of the first version of GeeOhTileServer, on the understanding that only the UK/Eire has an accurate land mass.

Since my VPS on 123-reg has now died, I obviously can’t proceed to release it live (for now), but I will release it on my home server in the meantime, and possibly use that to develop MakingTracksGPS against.

I have yet to decide what I’m doing about 123-reg, but in all likelihood I’ll be migrating my VPS service away from them. I’ll be keeping them in terms of handling my DNS for, and I’ll keep the site and email server etc. but I’m now looking at hosting my critical services on a VPS that won’t just get blatted by the hosting company.




Man Down!


Got an email yesterday (I think, I was out on my stag do) from those nice folks at, informing me that “we ran a dodgy script, it deleted a shitload of your websites and data, really sorry to all those people who didn’t maintain their own backups, etc.”. Brilliant.

Luckily, I don’t really have a vast customer database, so it’s not catastrophic to my still-dormant company, but it’s certainly given me pause for thought.

I will need to (probably) manually re-upload and reconfigure the entire site/DB. Fairly annoying, to say the least.

Been looking at 1&1 or GoDaddy as potential service replacements. Will update as required.



One Step Away


I am literally one step away from completing work on the websites, and they will be all ready to launch on the 15th June – providing I file my last dormant accounts with Companies House before then.

My last task is to do one final test purchase (and then set all prices to full value), and then I’m done. The whole thing will be cocked and loaded, just waiting to be let loose next Monday.

There is also a very small, security related, task – that I cannot discuss – which I will do before then, but it doesn’t really count as a step in its own right.

It’s nearly time! I’m nervous, mannnnn…



Finish Line In Sight


Yep, I’m on the home straight. All I need to do before going “live” with both websites is in this rather small list:

  • Confirm that the text now fits in the boxes on Windows/Firefox (fixed by altering line-height in css)
  • Do one last test-purchase, and then put the paypal buttons up to full price
  • Do all non-JavaScript alternate versions of pages

And that is literally it.

Okay, the non-js bit might actually take a bit of time, ’cause there are a few pages to do, but there are no complex issues blocking me anymore. Just gonna get it done, and get DiagramBuilder released.

15th June looking good.



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